Intro To Defi

Learning Outcome In this course you will be imparting the knowledge of DeFi (Decentralised Finance), an important segment of the Web3 & Cryptocurreny universe.Learn about Liqudity Pools, Staking, Yield Farms and many more! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN

Intro To Non Fungible Tokens (Full Course)

Learning Outcome Ever wondered what a Non Fungible Token (NFT) is or how to get started with buying NFTs? WHAT YOU WILL LEARN In this course, our mentors will impart the following knowledge to you:

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Learning Outcome In this course, you will be understand the basics of Cryptocurrency: The History, Use Cases and the Different Types of Cryptocurrencies.You probably heard of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) but what exactly are they? WHAT YOU WILL LEARN **As this series will only cover Cryptocurrency and its fundamentals. We highly encourage you to consider […]

Infographics Made Easy

Infographics Made Easy Duration: 1-day (7-hrs) 9am to 5pm Course Fee: $300 (Subject to GST) Download Course Brochure   Course Overview This course helps learners understand the fundamentals of design and how to create attractive infographics that are easy to read and digest. Learning Outcomes Articulate what are infographics, identify the intended audience and the benefits of infographics […]

Business Communication via Email & Letters

Download PDF Outline ————————————- COURSE OVERVIEW & OBJECTIVE How To Connect Your Readers With The Right Messages Communication is an important aspect of a business organisation and it deserves proper handling; for that reason, it is important to understand how people relate and talk to one another. Most business communication is of a non-verbal type […]

Telephone Etiquette and Techniques

  Download PDF Outline ————————————- Course Overview & Objective Love the phone or hate it, it is becoming clear that it is the way to do business and it is here to stay. As the telephone is widely used in business, it is important that we excel in areas of telephone communication. Being able to […]

Administer Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Singapore

Download PDF Outline ————————————- Course Overview and Learning Objectives This 1-day course aims to provide accounting, finance and business executives with an in-depth understanding of Singapore GST, which will in turn promote accurate, timely and effective responses on GST administration and compliance work. By the end of the course, participants should be able to: Define […]

01 day – Microsoft Outlook 2016

Download PDF Outline ————————————- COURSE OBJECTIVES To prepare users for optimal use of Outlook in the integration of their desktop applications to show how Outlook can be used in most organisational and communication tasks. COURSE OUTLINE Overview of Module STARTING OUTLOOK Start and exit Outlook Recognising the Outlook screen Using Sneak a Peek APPLY AND […]

01 day – Designing Impactful Executive Presentation using PowerPoint

Download PDF Outline ————————————— In today’s business and work environment, every leader, manager and executive is expected to be a good communicator and to make presentations to various stakeholders. This is why you worked hard to gain the necessary skills and master the technicalities of using one or more presentation software, at least to be […]

Impressive Images and Diagrams in PowerPoint

Download PDF Outline ———————————— Course Objectives At the end of the course, participants will be able to add images and diagrams to enhance the visual appeal of their presentations. Participants will also learn to utilise tables and charts and format those objects to create impactful slides. Participants will be able to incorporate data from different […]