Make Diversity Work in the New Normal – Level 3

Emotional intelligence is a key skill for building resilience and thriving in the workplace. You will learn how to manage stress, navigate challenges, and build positive relationships with colleagues and clients.

Adapt for Successful Teams at the Workplace

Download PDF Outline ————————————- COURSE SYNOPSIS The inability to adapt to changes in the environment especially for yourself and your team give rise to increased anxiety, poor productivity and disrupted performances. Even more severe stress can result from losing a job or having to change jobs, negatively impacting the team’s’ state of health. Hence it […]

WSQ Communicate Effectively as a Team Leader at the Workplace

Download PDF Outline ————————————- Course Synopsis  Effective communication is essential for the success of any business, whether internally with colleagues and teams or externally with clients and the community. Effective communication promotes trust and engagement, encourages productivity and reduces stress and anxiety for all. Hence it is critical that leaders in the organisation are equipped […]

Business Negotiations

Download PDF Outline ————————————- Course Synopsis  In today’s business world and to those who negotiate, relying on data to inform and power the decision we make, it’s crucial for us to strike the balance between data usage and the soft negotiation skills to ensure we get the result we want. The better negotiation skill would […]

Conflict Management

Download PDF Outline ————————————- Course Synopsis  The new trend in conflict management is to maintain or enhance relationship while solving the conflict. This course is designed on the premise that working together, supervisors will: • Identifying roles and responsibilities of each member to resolve conflict • Encouraging effective conflict strategies  • Assessing effectiveness of conflict […]

Design Thinking Starts With Me

Download PDF Outline ————————————- Course Overview Design thinking is a useful tool that can help participants to innovate and problem solve, understanding the underlying customer’s needs and behaviors and then ultimately building quality customer relationships which leads to a sustainable source of revenue growth. Design Thinking Starts With Me uses different prototyping methods such a […]

WSQ Establish Excellent Relationships for Customer Confidence

Download PDF Outline ————————————- Course Overview This module covers knowledge and application skills to build customer confidence in the organization and to develop customer relationships that build customer loyalty. It also involves the know-how of handling service opportunities and escalated service challenges.   Course Objectives On completion of this module, learners will be able to […]

WSQ Facilitate Effective Work Teams

Download PDF Outline ————————————- Course Objective At the end of the programme, participants will be able to: Facilitate work team activities and improve team performance by promoting ownership and commitment among team members to work goals and targets set, Maintaining positive relationships among team members with diverse backgrounds and Providing support and opportunities for individual […]