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ICDL - Perform Advanced Spreadsheet Functions (Advanced Excel 2013) - 24 hours

Course Duration
Course Reference Number
Funding Validity Period
01 Jan 2019 To 03 Jun 2021
Mode of Training

ICDL Advanced Spreadsheets is a high level certification programme which presents learners with the opportunity to bring their spreadsheet skills to an expert level. This allows them to use the full potential of the spreadsheet application to produce higher quality management information.

Individuals with ICDL Advanced Spreadsheets certified skills can:

  • Produce higher quality information
  • Pinpoint key information quicker and more easily
  • provide more sharply-defined analysis
  • Produce more sophisticated reports
  • Use advanced editing, data handling, functions and analysis features
  • Use macros within the spreadsheets application

Target Audience

Prospective learners should ideally have the ICDL certification and/or previous experience using computers and common software applications. Typically, these would be individuals who use a wide range of advanced functionalities within a spreadsheet application in a personal or professional context. Spreadsheet applications enable learners to manipulate and produce precise information and conduct crucial data analysis. The ICDL Advanced Spreadsheets certification has been specifically designed to provide learners with the skills to exploit the full potential of the spreadsheet application.

Course Content



  • Apply an autoformat/table style to a cell range.
  • Apply conditional formatting based on cell content.
  • Create and apply custom number formats.


  • Copy, move worksheets between spreadsheets.
  • Split a window. Move, remove split bars.
  • Hide, show rows, columns, worksheets.

Functions and Formulas

  • Using Functions and Formulas
  • Use date and time functions.
  • Use mathematical functions.
  • Use statistical functions.
  • Use text functions.
  • Use Financial functions.
  • Use lookup functions.
  • Use database functions.
  • Create a two-level nested function.
  • Use a 3-D reference within a sum function.
  • Use mixed references in formulas.


Creating Charts

  • Create a combined column and line chart.
  • Add a secondary axis to a chart.
  • Change the chart type for a defined data series.
  • Add, delete a data series in a chart.

Formatting Charts

  • Re-position chart title, legend, data labels.
  • Change scale of value axis.
  • Change display units on value axis without changing data source.
  • Format columns, bars, plot area, chart area to display an image.


Using Tables

  • Create, modify a pivot table/datapilot.
  • Modify the data source and refresh the pivot table/datapilot.
  • Filter, sort data in a pivot table/datapilot.
  • Automatically, manually group data in a pivot table/datapilot and rename groups.
  • Use one-input, two-input data tables/multiple operations tables.

Sorting and Filtering

  • Sort data by multiple columns at the same time.
  • Create a customized list and perform a custom sort.
  • Automatically filter a list in place.
  • Apply advanced filter options to a list.
  • Use automatic sub-totalling features.
  • Expand, collapse outline detail levels.


  • Create named scenarios.
  • Show, edit, delete scenarios.
  • Create a scenario summary report.

Validating and Auditing


  • Set, edit validation criteria for data entry in a cell range.
  • Enter input message and error alert.


  • Trace precedent, dependent cells. Identify cells with missing dependents.
  • Show all formulas in a worksheet, rather than the resulting values.
  • Insert, edit, delete, show, hide comments/notes.

Enhancing Productivity

Naming Cells

  • Name cell ranges, delete names for cell ranges.
  • Use named cell ranges in a function.

Paste Special

  • Use paste special options.


  • Create a spreadsheet based on an existing template.
  • Modify a template.

Linking, Embedding and Importing

  • Insert, edit, remove a hyperlink.
  • Link data within a spreadsheet, between spreadsheets, between applications.
  • Update, break a link.
  • Import delimited data from a text file.


  • Record a simple macro.
  • Run a macro.
  • Assign a macro to a custom button on a toolbar.

Collaborative Editing

Tracking and Reviewing

  • Turn on, off track changes. Track changes in a worksheet using a specified display view.
  • Accept, reject changes in a worksheet.
  • Compare and merge spreadsheets.


  • Add, remove password protection for a speadsheet
  • Protect, unprotect cells, worksheet with a password.
  • Hide, unhide formulas.
Full Fee GST Nett Fee after Funding (Incl. GST)

MCES: Singaporean age 40 and above

Normal: Singaporean/PR age 21 and above

WTS: Singaporean age 35 and above and earning $2,000 or below per month


SME: Singapore registered companies with

(i) at least 30% local sharing AND

(ii) group annual sales less than or equal to $100 million OR group employment size less than or equal to 200 people