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Visual Basic Application for Access

To make use of Visual Basic functions to automate and customise processes in Access using coding.

Who Should Attend

All who would like to develop their skills and knowledge of VBA programming in Access application development to automate task for increase productivity.


No previous programming experience is required. Participants should be currently working with an Access database application that they have built themselves. They should also understand table, query, form and report.

Course Outline

Part 1: Introduction to VBA

  • Macros in Access
  • Creating a macro
  • Running a Macro
  • Assigning a macro to form and switchboard
  • Visual Basic Editor Environment
  • The VBE Window
  • Using the Project Explorer
  • Understanding the Properties Window
  • Using the Code Window
  • Creating a new module
  • Entering VBA codes
  • Customizing VBE environment

Part 2: Beginning with VBA

  • Learning about Objects & Property
  • Understanding the Access Object Model
  • Understanding collections
  • Using the Object Browser
  • Importing and export objects
  • Objects referral
  • Variables, Data Type & Constants
  • Commenting for programming
  • Declaring variables
  • Scoping variables
  • Defining data type
  • Working with Date & String type
  • Using assignment, logical and other operators
  • Arrays
  • Understanding Events
  • Event sequences for various database objects
  • Programming Events & using Code Builder
  • Using MsgBox function for response
  • Form & report events
  • Mouse clicks & focus events

Part 3: VBA Core

  • Procedures, Functions and Constructs
  • Creating procedures by entering codes
  • Scoping a procedure
  • Various methods of invoking a procedure
  • Passing arguments to procedures
  • Inserting procedures
  • Return Type
  • ing built-in functions
  • Using the MsgBox function for data return
  • Using the InputBox function for data request
  • Programming Constructs
  • GoTo
  • If … Then … Else
  • Select Case
  • For … Next loops
  • Do … While loops
  • Do … Until loops
  • While … Wend loops
  • With … End
  • For Each … Next
  • Incorporating custom functions
  • Passing arguments to procedures
  • Error Handling
  • Trapping Error
  • Using Break Mode
  • Setting Breakpoints
  • The Immediate and Watch panes
  • Using Watch variables
  • Using Step commands

Part 4: VBA for Databases

  • VBA for Database Design
  • Understanding Relational Databases
  • Table Design using VBA
  • Configuring Relationships
  • Form & Report design using VBA
  • Incorporating command, navigation & other Controls
  • Setting properties for Form & Report
  • Creating Dialog Boxes
  • Using DoCmd Object
  • Creating a Workspace using Microsoft Jet Engine
  • Using Data Access Object
  • Retrieving & editing recordset
  • Querying data
  • Using VBA objects to read, edit and change data in database
Full Fee GST Nett Fee after Funding (Incl. GST)
funding not applicable
funding not applicable

MCES: Singaporean age 40 and above

Normal: Singaporean/PR age 21 and above


SME: Singapore registered companies with

(i) at least 30% local sharing AND

(ii) group annual sales less than or equal to $100 million OR group employment size less than or equal to 200 people

Course Duration
Course Reference Number
Funding Validity Period
15 Mar 2020 To 14 Mar 2021
Mode of Training