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Liana Tang, Executive Director

Liana is the founder of Eagle Infotech and has more than 30 years of experience in the Training and Adult Education industry. Liana strongly believes that Education and Learning should be a way of life and developing a passion for learning is essential for overall growth. Coupled with her experience, her strong beliefs for continuous lifelong learning fuels the growth of the Company.

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Joanna Tang, Chief Executive Officer

Joanna joined Eagle Infotech as Business Manager in 2018 to spearhead digital transformation projects across the Company. In December 2021, Joanna was appointed as CEO to bring Eagle Infotech to greater heights. Prior to her Training and Adult Education career, Joanna worked as a Senior Consultant in a large international consulting firm. Currently, Joanna holds ACTA qualification and has a Bachelor of Accountancy.

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John Bounaparte, Business Strategy Manager

As the Business Strategy Manager, John identifies market demands areas and expand course offerings accordingly. He also leads key initiatives such as creation of pathways for learners, develops courses in line with SSG priority, provides an innovative collaborative and engaging learning environment for our learners and adopt technology-enabled learning to enhance overall learning experience.

John holds a Master’s of Arts in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University, Canada, and a Degree in Business Administration from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, including SDALT, DACE and ACTA.

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Chia Kee Tong, Principal IT Trainer

Kee Tong has been with Eagle Infotech for about 18 years. He oversees and manages all IT Adult Educators and ensures that quality training is delivered. He also manages IT courseware, designs and develops new cirruculum. Kee Tong currently holds an ACTA and DACE qualification, as well as a Bachelor of Economics.

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Peter Low, L & D Manager

As the L & D Manager, Peter ensures overall Course and Adult Educator quality in Eagle Infotech. He also manages the Soft Skills courseware. Peter performs market research to identify market trends and demands which is then translated into the development of new courses. Peter currently holds ACTA qualification and is pursuing DDDLP.

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Henry Tan, Sales Manager

As the Sales Manager, Henry provide guidance for the Sales Team towards the achievement of corporate sales target. He works closely with Marketing team to plan the sales activities (e.g. roadshows, campaign and course previews) And supports the L&D team in their market research to identify market trends and demands from corporate clients which can be translated into corporate workshop and training.

Henry holds the ACTA qualification awarded by IAL in year 2015.

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Kate Aye, Marketing Manager

Kate joined Eagle Infotech in 2013 and has been an integral part of the Company’s marketing efforts. She oversees the company's marketing initiatives, plans and executes marketing campaigns and creates collaterals.

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Joe Lee, Operations & Admin Manager

As the Operations & Admin Manager, Joe is the overall in-charge of the day-to-day running of classes. He ensures that classes run smoothly and learners are onboarded to their respective courses properly. He also oversees the post-course administrative procedures.

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